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Lots of items to stock the shelves in the grocery store and to add to grocery lists for the shoppers! Ask families to send in empty boxes to help fill your store.

Would you like those flowers in blue or orange tissue paper? Do you want a card to go with them? Colored tissue paper can be used to wrap floral bouquets, add more language and vocabulary to play interactions – and can even be crafted into flowers!

Every grocery store has some stockers who are pricing items in the aisles. These removal labels would be great for adding prices to all the recycled containers families send in for your grocery theme…

You want shopping baskets or carts with lots of room for the groceries on the lists – and a cart with space for the baby in front, too!

This wallet is nicely designed — customers need role props too! If you need more than one — how could you make one out of felt or heavy weight paper? Could children make more money and coins, or credit cards for their wallets? Ask families for old handbags so some of your customers can carry their wallets in them!

Different colors and kinds of artificial flowers can lead to long exchanges as customers direct the salesclerk about the colors and kinds of flowers they’d like in their bouquets! Leaves and flowers from family’s gardens can be used, too!

What foods can children and teachers create out of felt? A brown circle can be a roll, the crust of a pizza.. a red circle can be pizza sauce, an apple, what fruits, vegetables, baked goods can be made out of felt?

A basket like this for the market and some vegetables can round out your grocery store props.