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Enjoy Underwater Adventures with Fish Toys! The Sea Animals are perfect for any sea life lover. A great aquatic animal toy for ocean animal lovers. 90 sea animals per package. Approximately 2″ long. Made of plastic. Assorted styles. Assorted styles may include: lobster, skate, octopus, starfish, crab, squid, sea horse, hermit crab, sea dog, walrus, seal, sea lion, fin whale, dolphin, killer whale, sperm whale, sea otter, tortoise, manatee, crocodile, puffer, shark, hammerhead shark and swordfish. Have an underwater adventure with aquatic animal toys. You can play in the water with the fish and the turtles without ever leaving your home. Bring the underwater animals to you with our large variety of underwater animal toys. 90 sea animals per package. Approximately 2″ long. Assorted styles. Made of plastic.

5 Tentacles Finger Puppets

ShapeIt! Sand is the new plaster! ShapeIt! Sand is a revolutionary material that feels just like wet beach sand and molds to any shape you can imagine. ShapeIt! Sand comes in bright, bold colors and brings the fun of the beach indoors, year-round! Squish it! Shape it! Mold it! ShapeIt! Sand never dries out and can be used again and again. Shape It! Sand can also be baked to form a solid sand stone, perfect for higher level art projects. Just bake, carve and paint! Store ShapeIt! Sand in an airtight container to keep clean and dust-free.

Create a FUN Seashore experience. Add any fun items so kids can “fish”. Amount in listing will make about 24 cups of water beads.

Playsilks, in the hands of children, are truly a bottomless toy chest. There are so many things that children will create with them. When playing dress-up, they will use playsilks to become pirates in one moment and birds in flight in another. Their size and texture make it easy for small hands to fold and tie. Their colors can inspire play using them as grass, sky, and water. Tools; You can suspend or children can spread out a blue cloth like these play silks to create the ‘ocean’

WHAT TO DO WITH JellybeadZ WATER BEADS 1. Sensory Water Beads Sensory play is what water beads are best at. Kids of all ages love the feel and look of them. They are so enticing! Colorful, smooth, squishy, cool… Really, there’s not much more you need to do with water beads than have a bowl full of them to plunge your hands into and hold and squish them. Water beads seem like magic to kids because the beads start out so tiny and grow within a few hours. Just watching the beads change is a fun activity for younger kids. 2. Decorating with Water Beads The most common use for water beads is in decorating. Use them in vases, bowls, and jars for eye appeal. They are great for centerpieces for weddings and other events. The water beads really add a wow factor that can turn ordinary vases and bowls into something beautiful. 3. Water Beads for Plants Water beads are also great to use with plants. They help plants retain water and reduce the amount of watering plants need. They release the water gradually so the plant isn’t flooded with water. The water beads can also act as a replacement for soil with some plants. Bamboo plants do well with water beads rather than soil. How to Use Water Beads 1. 1 tsp dry beads will yield about 1 quart of Water beads when fully hydrated. 2. Allow the beads to fully expand in 6-8 hours. 3. Remove the expanded beads from the water and pour into vases or bowls and ready to use.

Ocean Sea Creature Action Figures – Big Bucket of Sea Creatures – Huge 30 Piece Set: Your child will LOVE this set of ocean animals – from Turtles and lobsters, to sharks and fish. Endless hours in every giant bucket! Use these as bath toys, sandbox toys, or even for party decorations!

Dive into greatness with this double-lens swimming mask from Ivation. This is the ideal addition to your collection of swim gear essentials, providing an extraordinary close-up filed of view for all your underwater endeavors. Whether you’re a professional diver, a novice swimmer, adventurous underwater, you’ll enjoy the goggles’ lightweight, low-profile design, secure fit, and unmatched comfort. Quickly adjust the strap, dive in, and explore the waters with amazing ease and clarity.