Science Activity: What Do You See?

Create a collection of natural objects for your child to observe. For example, you could gather a few kinds of fruits or vegetables from the grocery store, rocks from your neighborhood, or fresh or dried leaves. Lay out the collection, and ask your child to make a pretend spyglass with their hand, touching together fingers to thumb. 

Ask your child to look at the objects in the collection closely and talk about the details they see using descriptive vocabulary words (see below for some suggestions). Be sure to ask them to tell you about similarities and differences. When your child has observed the collection, give them a piece of paper and have them draw one object. Some children may be able to add a few words to their drawing.  


Fruits and Vegetables: Hard, shiny, bumpy, small, red, green, pointy, Macintosh, eggplant, celery, etc.

Rocks: Rough, smooth, gray, brown, stone, granite, mica, crystal, etc. 

Leaves: Brittle, fresh, stem, vein, blade, tip, oak, maple, etc.