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The Veterinarian and Vet’s Assistant will be obvious if they’re wearing role props like this!

Every veterinarian’s office needs a vet kit with tools… can you recycle your doctors kit for this play too?

This cat had some kittens… lots of animals to take care of in this set!

A dog and puppies to take care of! What kind of food will they eat… could children make it out of paper, packing peanuts?

Fantastic animal x-rays for the veterinarian to look at when diagnosing and treating pets!

Stretchy self-sticking gauze for pet’s broken legs, or for creating all kinds of mummies in the K study of ancient Egypt!

A sturdy wooden brush and comb for groomers to use (and can be used in bathroom in family theme, in nursery with babies…

The groomer needs different scents of shampoo and conditioner to customize the pet’s baths — add labels to these with icons and print to set up more language and interaction in your children’s make-believe play!

Does your pet store sell fish? Here are some good ones for your fish tank! You can make one out of a cardboard box, with a cut out cellophane window!

The living world carrier is the perfect solution for carrying your precious small pet safely and easily.

What kinds of pets will be in your pet store? Gerbils? Hamsters? Mice? Snakes?


Need to make a sign for your store, deli, veterinarian or doctor’s office? You can use these peel and stick dry erase decals – and children can help you make the sign!

Only the workers in the pet store can reach into the tank to scoop out just the fish the customer is asking for and put it into a bag! Don’t forget the fish food — can children cut some paper to make some?

Wash basins can serve all kinds of roles in make-believe play. In the family theme, they can be the kitchen sink – with just a few centimeters of water and a wet rag and some soap…they can be the wash basin for the baby in the bathroom, and later, they can be used in the groomers, doctor’s office, veterinarian’s office, grocery store to wash produce, restaurant for washing dishes, clearing tables.. in all kinds of way to support meaningful sensory play!

Open/Closed Signs can be used to enrich play – children set up the ‘store’ or ‘office’ and then turn sign to ‘Open’ when they’re ready for customers!

In Prek, fish for the fish store and sensory play for water table (remember you can use a wash bin too and put on a table in another center!) In K — could this be in a center with some small lego or other figures for ocean theme dramatization?

Pet bowls for water and pet food!