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Lots of roles in travel — pilot, flight attendants, travelers — everyone would know who the pilot was with a costume like this!

Can a toy camera set up planning, interaction between roles, drawing to capture the picture? Who gets to take the pictures? Whether its for travel, vacation, camping, or a dog show… a camera can be a good prop to generate some interaction between roles!

With stickers like these you can turn a box into an airplane with lots of mediation for high level make-believe play — or in K, turn a box into a spacecraft!

Great stickers to transform a box into a fire truck – build background knowledge so that children develop lots of vocabulary and use role speech!

Large pieces of cloth like this can be draped over tables and chairs to create play spaces… this one is the night sky… it could be attached to a bookcase or bulletin board and draped over some nap mats to make camping or bedroom area – cuing nighttime story telling and pretending to go to sleep!